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Why do I need to monitor my weight?

Rapid weight gain means your body is holding on to extra fluid. This is a red flag that your heart failure is getting worse. If allowed to progress unchecked, fluid buildup can quickly escalate into a life-threatening situation.

The good news is that you can tell if youre retaining fluid by getting on the scale every morning. Keeping a close eye on your weight can help you recognize a problem early and prevent a trip to the hospital.

Gaining more than 2 pounds over two days or 5 pounds in a week is a call to action. Ask your provider what you should do if you notice rapid weight gain. You may be asked further limit your salt and fluid intake, or your heart failure team may adjust your medication.

Your provider will also want to know if you have had a loss of 2 pounds or more over two days as this may indicate you are taking too much diuretic.